Sunday, February 28, 2010


In New Haven for the last 20 years teachers and students had a daily prep. Prep is Library/Media, Music, Physical Education, and Science. Due to the requirements of the law, Physical Education was twice a week. The rest of the preps were once a week. Students would go to prep with their class. Classroom teachers would use this time to prepare for the day; meet with teachers, administrators, or parents; or gather materials. The prep teachers also had one period a day when they did not have a class. See also, library, music, physical education, science.

The AE Garden

Tammy "Where is our garden?"

Tammy and Bernadette



Around 1995 the garden was started by 3rd grade teacher Tammy Kafin Taylor. The district donated the land behind the 5th grade classrooms. Tammy obtained parents and volunteers from Americorp to build the raised beds. The ground was rototilled by Diandre Desandies. The first crop was fava beans and there were many many beans. The teachers were asked to adopt a bed for their classroom. The students weed, plant, water, and harvest the crops. Soon many of the 2nd and 3rd grade teachers, ie, Paul Brewer, Paul Hornbrook, Cheryl Konno Speakman, Margo Zanzinger, and Manyee Desandies were all very active in developing the first garden at Alvarado.

As an extension of the garden project, Alvarado received a grant to build the shed as part of the recycling program in the county. The tools, seeds, and wagons were stored in the shed. In an effort to make students and teachers more aware of our impact on the environment, the staff worked on a project to recycle, reduce and reuse paper at AE. Margo Zanzinger made a worm box and used some of the paper to show students how nature can nurture. At first this box was in her room, later it was moved to the garden.

Penny Johnson

As of this date, 2010, third grade teacher Penny Johnson is in charge of the garden. Students are still growing a variety of crops.

The box on the bottom is Margo Zanzinger's worm box used to help students understand the recycle process. The worms found a good home in the garden.