Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Leadership

Chief Academic Officer Dr. Arlando Smith and Chief Business Officer Akur Varadarajan were appointed Aug. 23, 2013, to serve as co-interim superintendents of the New Haven Unified School District

Dr. Arlando Smith
Dr. Smith, who became Chief Academic Officer in June 2012, is a former assistant professor of educational leadership and administration at San Jose State University, and also served as an adjunct professor of educational leadership and leadership development at St. Mary’s College. He previously taught at both John F. Kennedy University and the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as at the New Teacher Center at UC-Santa Cruz and at Cal State-Fullerton. He earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Organizational Management at the University of La Verne in 2005.

Dr. Smith spent seven years as principal of Gunderson High School in San Jose and two years as principal of Graham Middle School in Mountain View before being named coordinator of academic improvement for the Gilroy Unified School District. He has served as a school reform facilitator for both West Ed and for the Stanford School Redesign Network.

Mr. Varadarajan became Chief Business Officer in April 2010 after three years as Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for the Salinas City Elementary School District.

A native of India, Mr. Varadarajan was educated at the University of Madras, with a masters degree in commerce. He started his career in New York City, working first for the Department of Finance and the Office of Management and Budget and later for the Board of Education. He came to the Bay Area in March 1997, joining the San Francisco Unified School District, where he spent seven years, the last three as Director of Purchasing. In September 2004, he joined the Ravenswood City School District as the Chief Business and Operating Officer.

Retired Alvarado Teachers Celebrate

In October 2013 nine former Alvarado teachers met to enjoy lunch and each other's company. The occasion was Liz McGuire's return to the bay area for a short visit. It was good to see old friends and catch up on everyone's lives.

 Margo Zanzinger, Bernadette Muhlstein, Paul Brewer, Liz McGuire, Nancy Bordenave,
Middle row:  Mary O'Connor, Rita Deselle,
First Row: Sharen Valles, Marty Brown

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Race to the Top

The New Haven Logo is about providing equity for students of all cultures, races, faiths, languages, and goals. According to local Union City historian, Timothy Swenson, this logo was designed in 1977 by an Alvarado student, Thomas Schumann. Thomas was paid $50 for this design. The video below shows how equity is defined in the goals of the Race to the Top grant.