1964 Staff Photos

Staff Photo 1964
Keith Alward, Principal
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Accord to Joan Patton Logue the grade levels went to the 8th grade. There was one teacher per grade. The teachers ate at their own table in the cafeteria. This is the same cafeteria that is still used at Alvarado in 2010. There were four cooks who made home cooked meals for the staff and students. One of Joan's favorite meals was prime rib. Two staff members were volunteer firemen. One was the custodian Ernest Silvera and the other was Glen Batchelder. When there was a fire they had to drop everything they were doing and leave the school to put out the fire. This photo shows Joan in her first year of teaching at Alvarado, however, she taught in Mexico before coming to Alvarado. John Bond taught 8th grade and was a part time vice principal.