Life after Retirement


AE Retirees Lunch in Newark
Feb. 22, 2013 
Manyee Desandies, Eleanor Yip, Paul Brewer, Chris Moriuchi, Joan Logue, Marty Brown, Bobby Rivera,
Bottom Row:  Sharon Pearson, Rita McBride
Sharon Chambers Taking the Photo

Eleanor Yip and Sue Regula
Enjoy Retirees Lunch on 2/22/2013 
RIP Eleanor Yip 3/30/2013

Retirees, Former Staff, and Friends meet with Liz Mcguire.
From the top, Rita McBride, Debbie Fryman, Sharon Valles, Marty Brown, Mary Ogden
Liz  Mcguire, Rita McBride
Carolyn Launchberry, Margo Zanzinger, Liz's Friends, Jack Mcguire, Paul Brewer

Former kindergarten teachers meet for lunch.
Sharon Valles, Nancy Bordenave, Rita McBride
Mary Ogden, Mary O'Conner, Marty Brown, Donna Howell

Rita McBride, Martie Brown, ManYee Desandies, Mary Ogden
Joan Logue, Sharon Chambers, Margo Zanzinger

Eleanor Yip, Paul Brewer, Joan Logue, Sharen Valles,
Mary O'Connor, Rita McBride, Sharon Chambers
Lunch Bunch

Eleanor Yip, Mary O'Conner, Mary Ogden, Rita McBride
Bee Medders, Margo Zanzinger, Liz McGuire, Sharen Valles, Paul Brewer
Alvarado Friends see Liz McGuire

Nancy Bordenave, Mary Ogden, and Rita McBride have fun in Seattle.