Monday, October 31, 2011

5th grade Marine Boat Trip

Red Ribbon Week

Halloween 2011 Ninja Turtle Teachers
Clinton Puckett, Letty Munoz-Gonzales, Maureen Tecson, Vince Lindain

Typically Halloween is the end of Red Ribbon Week. This week is devoted to the "Say No To Drugs" campaign which was co-chaired by Nancy Reagan the wife of former President Ronald Reagan.

According to the United States National Drug Enforcement Administration the National Red Ribbon program is the oldest drug prevention campaign in the United States in which young people pledge to live a drug free life. Millions of students and teachers plan daily activities to remind students of this pledge.

Here is Alvarado's Red Ribbon schedule.
Tuesday--Sock it to Drugs. Wear crazy or mismatched socks
Wednesday--Stay in the Game. Wear your favorite sports team apparel.
Thursday--I Can, You Can, We Can say NO to drugs. Canned food drive.
Friday--These Paws Don't Touch Drugs. Wear AES Spiri
t Wear.
Monday, the 31st, Halloween--Say BOO to drugs. Wear your costume.