Thursday, January 27, 2011

Music and Performing Arts

Music in the Library
Laurie Taner

Music involved the preps but also all the after school music programs. For many years all schools were involved in Marching On. Marching On was a performance art program of all schools at James Logan High School to showcase the musical talents of students. The music teachers were required to teach after school choir, but they were paid extra for it. However a tremendous amount of time went into arranging the performances and getting the students ready to perform. Every school was assigned to perform. The bands and recorders played and all the choirs sang. Students who were not in choir or recorders still had music every day and often performed at assemblies at school. Laurie Taner was the Music teacher in the 90's, then came Ivan DeSousa, La Verne Shue Chen, then David Martell in 2008.

La Verne Shue Chen
Ivan DeSousa

Dave Martell

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