Friday, September 4, 2009

2005-2009 Digitalized Data

By 1991 the district had installed a computerized library system and the office staff and principals had computers. Teachers did not have computers. There were a few Apple IIgs computers in the library and the staff room. The Commodore Pets were removed in 1990. A couple of years later the district installed a Macintosh lab, Macs in the media center, and computers in the classroom. In 2006 the Superintendent, Dr. Jaurequi's, goal was to expand from the instructional mode using technology to the data driven informational mode. In April of 2006 Chris Hobbs joined New Haven as the Executive Director of Technology replacing Rick Soper. With NCLB in place the district needed a method of tracking test scores. Hopefully this would help teachers consistently move test scores up. Thus began a series (3) of yearly student tests called NWEA.

Northwest Evaluation Assessment
(NWEA) is a computerized assessment developed by a non-profit company to help teachers determine what content standards students have mastered, what ones they have partially mastered, and those that need to be retaught. The questions correlate to the CST, California Standardized Tests. This testing is done in all the computer labs three times a year.

Alvarado was fortunate to have technicians Tony Hampton at the district office, Dennis Arafiles on the network, and Max Lomax at Alvarado. Max covered more than one school. New Haven was lucky to have such great technicians. Max was always willing to do whatever he had to do to make everything work. Technology is a great tool, but districts need very efficient and competent technicians to make sure it works all the time, everytime. In a time of budget deficits it is always tempting to cut technicians. NO! NO! NO!

To interpret testing information DataDirector was acquired. This program helps make sense of a huge range of data to provide longitudinal tracking and reporting of student assessment data, student demographic data, and program/event attendance, as well as professional development activities, paraprofessional activities, student grades and teacher data.

Zangle is a student information system. This system can be customized to fit district needs. As of this year New Haven does not have a totally computerized grading system, but with Zangle this will be coming soon. It's possible teachers could even post their grades from home on the web.

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