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1959 A Modern School

In 1959 a modern school replaced the mission style school in the same location. This is the same spot as the present day elementary school at the corner of Smith and Fredi Street. It has had many additions. In 1988 the expansion of wing five was completed along with a new Media Center. In 1989 the Science Lab, Computer Lab, and three Special Education classes were opened. In 1991 seven new classrooms were built along with the remodeling of the staff room and work areas. In 1992 a new kindergarten complex opened along with a new office area. Notice at the side the big tree that is still there. Is it the same big tree as today? I am not sure? The bell from the old mission style school was placed in front of the new Alvarado School. Years later the bell was stolen.

Staff Photo 1964
Keith Alward. Principal
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In 1959 the cities of Alvarado, New Haven, and Decoto were incorporated into Union City. In 1964 Alvarado was a K-8 school, Keith Alward was principal, and also the district superintendent. John Bond was the Assistant Principal. According to Joan Logue, an Alvarado teacher that that time, Mr. Bond lived in the old Alvarado area and walked to school every day. Alvarado was still a one school, school district.

In 1965, the Alvarado school district joined with the Decoto schools and became the New Haven Unified School District. The unification now made Alvarado a K-5 school.

An editorial in the News Register, dated March 22, 1965, stated: “the New Haven School District trustees made a fine choice when they selected Dr. Harold Schoenfeld as the new superintendent." Dr. Schoenfeld had previously been superintendent of the Decoto School District since 1952. (Union City Historical Museum Newsletter. Sept, Vol 8, No. 2. 2006)

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