Friday, August 28, 2009

2004-2009 Memories, Photos, & Otis Amey

La Verne Sheu Chen
Some things that come to mind include Creanna and Lavontae discussing heaven and hell as 1st graders (It was pretty awesome.), Coach Simmons trying to teach kinders how to put on their flags for football, Keith Guernsey teaching the beginner's choir how to do the robot, happy hour at TGIF's on paydays, and crying in front of the 5th grade class when Faith played and sang a song on the piano for me on my last day at AES. Sigh... miss you guys!

Anna Calubiran
Besides our one in a million staff, one of my favorite things about being a teacher is that every new school year is a rebirth, a chance for all
of us (teachers and kids) to refocus, resolve and reinvent ourselves. It's so exciting to get to know each person and build a team.

Maureen Leus Tecson

Today just reminded me of what a great staff we have! So glad to be at aes...

Carmen Jorgenson Principal
Wei Stevens Assistant Principal
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In 2005 Otis Amey visits Alvarado. At the time Fred Otis Amey was a wide receiver with the San Francisco 49ers. He was born in Union City and attended and played football at James Logan High School. His mother, Wynelle Amey, was a teacher's aide at Alvarado. She and coach Mark Simmons arranged the visit. As of 2009 Otis is in the Canadian Football League with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He was willing to spend some his time talking to the students about the importance of education and hard work. He was fantastic. The students had so much fun learning more about football and hearing him tell about his life. Otis Amey was a huge inspiration.

Otis Amey & Coach Mark Simmons

Otis shows the students how to throw a football.

Teachers and Otis
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