Thursday, August 20, 2009

2000 - 2003 New Principal & NCLB

In 2000 - 2001 Mike Guevara was principal and Susan Fivelstad was assistant principal. Susan had previously been our reading specialist. The following year Mike was assigned to go to the the newly built Delaine Eastin Elementary school. Susan retired. In Sept of 2001 Karen Saucedo joined us as our principal. Holly Scroggins who had taken Susan's place as the reading specialist was selected to be the new assistant principal. Cheri Benafield was now the reading specialist. Karen and Holly had many years of experience in education. Holly had been a classroom teacher, a science specialist, and a reading specialist at AE. Karen was a professional educator through and through. Coming from a middle school environment to elementary was a change. She was totally dedicated, had definite ideas of how things should be run, and was a whiz with the budget. She was woman with heart, grit, and was surprisingly a little shy. Holly and Karen made a good team as they were both well organized and hard workers. They were the Dynamic Duo.

On Jan 8, 2002 George Bush signed the No Child Left Behind bill which soon became known as "nicklebee". The Act requires states to develop assessments in basic skills to be given to all students in certain grades, if those states are to receive federal funding for schools. Sounds simple, but the people at the district office and principals now had to figure out the necessary processes to meet the challenge.

2002-2003 Staff
Karen Saucedo principal
Holly Scroggins assistant principal
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