Saturday, August 22, 2009

June 2004 Memories

ManYee Desandies Remembers Al Rivera
As I was walking towards his room, I saw all these teachers emerging from their rooms from the grass area and from the black top area, and it was like a migration... everyone coming out of their rooms and walking toward Al's room.
I remember being touched by the scene. Nobody talked. It was very quiet.
Al was sitting in his wheelchair by the open back of the U-Haul.
Almost all the teachers came out.
We all filed into his room wordlessly, grabbed a box, and took it to the U-Haul for Brian (Al's son) and one of his friends to load into the depths of the truck.
Most people made several trips, but because there were so many people, it got done fairly fast.
And when people walked past Al, they would quietly acknowledge him with a touch or a hug, like paying tribute to him.
He was a true icon of the Alvarado Family.

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