Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing Art of WOW

Through the 1990's Cathy Hampton and ManYee Desandies continued to develop their internet portal for students. It was kid friendly. Cathy's daughter Julianne Hampton made the above as the initial drawing for the web page. The clouds were added for grade levels and specialized subjects on the hill. They were so kind to put a portal for the media center on the hill. All this was on their own time. They still taught their classes, but at home worked on technology for the students.

Ace was developed as a subject portal.

Samples of Covers of Mrs. Desandies Web Books

Mrs Desandies used the technology in her classroom constantly. Kids loved being in her class even those who at first were not that happy with being in school. Over the years her students made hundreds of books about the subjects they were studying. All were made with kids doing the work. As the 90's progressed many of the books were made on and for the web. Students were encouraged to go online and read the stories from their class and all the other classes she taught.

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