Sunday, August 16, 2009

1990's Memories & Photos

Sukhy Pannu Gill
When I was hired by Julia in the fall of 93...I had been sent two free tickets to see the Marching On show. I came from Sacramento with my best friend and was ssssoooooooooooooo impressed with what the music teachers from all the schools had produced. I couldn't wait to be a part of this my first memories.

Tammy Kafin
My first memory is the kindness the other 3rd grade teachers showed in welcoming me (and saved me a few times!) ManYee and Al especially. They took good care of me for many years.

Betty Silva
I remembered when Sharon Chambers talked me into dressing up as Clifford the Big Red Dog. ( Still not sure how you did that.) The plan was to go to the classrooms and promote reading week, but I was to get back to the media center before the recess bell rang and the kids came out to play. Well that plan fell a little short, and there I was in a HOT dog suit and surrounded by students who thought I was Clifford. Pulling my tail and trying to drag me all around. I was not able to see, because of the head of the dog. Vision was limited.. Like I said, still not sure how you talked me into that one. But it's a fond memory none the less.

Sharon Chambers
I forgot about that. I wore that suit also Betty. Yes it was soooo hot, so thanks getting me out of wearing it again.

Liz Jordan
Creating the science lab and the girls computer club through the Road Ahead grant were amazing times at Alvarado. Also the training (a 2 year training in Marin County) and work that Sally (Kaneko), Bee (Legaspi Medders) and I did with ECR (Early Childhood Resources) was wonderful because of the changes that were made within the whole district.(Cathy MacNamara from Cabello was also involved) We began DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices) workshops that were monthly and voluntary, but most teachers in k-2 attended regularly and contributed lesson ideas each month. This was in the late 1980 & early 90’s. These are some of my most memorable times at Alvarado. We had amazing staff members. I loved being a part of these exciting times in education

Julia Strong-Yoho Principal
Barbara Debarger Assistant Principal
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